Live Painting for Polish Office in Taipei / Tainan, TW

Pener Polish Office.jpg

Framed in the Ar/t/chitecture art festival, a collaboration between the Polish artist Bartek Pener Świątecki, Sonder Foundation and the Polish Office in Taipei emerged to celebrate Polish art and culture during the National Day of Poland with a live painting event.


The popular Blueprint Culture & Creative Park in the city of Tainan, an old Japanese government dormitories converted into a cultural park, was selected as the location for
the live painting event. Passersby had the opportunity to enjoy the creative process of Bartek Świątecki while the artist turned a white canvas into a full geometrically overdosed, colorful, cyberpunk-inspired abstract paint.  Being frequently asked by the many pedestrians that stroll the Cultural Center on a busy Sunday, Bartek could share his
creative vision and process with the city of Tainan. 
The artwork was donated by the artist and Sonder Foundation to the Polish Office in Taipei.


Participants: Bartek Świątecki (PL)

Organizers: Polish Office in Taipei  and Sonder Foundation

Sponsors:  Polish Office in Taipei  and Sonder Foundation

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