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About us

Sonder Foundation has been founded in late 2016 when two friends – Bartosz Janczak and Roberto Machado – based in the United Kingdom and Taiwan, sharing the passion for the different expressions of art, gathered together in London, UK, to create Sonder Foundation. The initiative is focused on creating great opportunities for artists to showcase

their art, as well as to serve as a bridge to invite them to interact and learn from different art cultures and backgrounds. The goal is also to reach art lovers from around the world, taking advantage of the network of artists and cultural spaces across the globe, around where its founding members move constantly seeking for new opportunities. 


Roberto Machado is a founding member of Sonder, due to his love for different art expressions, born from the constant contact of his family with art.

Roberto Machado

Co-founder / Business Director

Bartosz Janczak

Co-founder / Art Director

Bartosz Janczak is a designer with a decade of experience. He is currently based between London and countryside of Catalonia in Spain. 

Art commissions and interior design

At Sonder Foundation we are team of curators specialized in commissioning interior and exterior artworks for interior designers and architects around the globe. We work with a selection of elite artists to provide the best art pieces for exclusive homes and public spaces.


Events and exhibitions

Sonder Foundation has an experience of years organizing art exhibitions, events and festivals around the globe, with special footprint in Asia and Europe. We work together with local communities and  governments, international trade offices and global companies to successfully organize all-size art events. We have partnered with galleries in Asia and Europe
to give a high exposure to our artists and to provide a curated selection of artists and artworks to collectors worldwide.

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