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Cindy Lian X Kwiaciarnia Grafiki Gallery / Warsaw, PL

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Each year Kwiaciarnia Grafiki try to invite to cooperation one foreign guest. From the beginning of September they have Taiwanese artist Cindy Lien presenting her exhibition

at the end of her stay. She had 3 week recidency at Kwiaciarnia Grafiki, working with fabric and screen print, with professional screen print technique, and present her work at Kwiaciarnia Grafiki’s gallery. Cindy Lien is mainly working with different types of fabrics used for handmade sawn pictures. Often the pieces are equipped with found objects.

They asked Cindy to apply into her textile collages also some screenprint elements.

And this is her first time to combine handmade print layers in her works.

Cindy Lien is an artist living and studying in Taipei on Taiwan. Her art is based on experiences from places she is currently staying. Inspired by her harbour hometown Keelung, she created her exhibition „Harbour Wonderland”. - I started to sew using different soft fabrics that resonate my feelings of safety and warmth. Most of my works refer to memories which seem to be stored in a soft and safe place waiting to be discovered a new - says Cindy Lien.


Artists: Cindy Lien (TW)

Organizers: Kwiaciarnia Grafiki and Sonder Foundation

Sponsors: Sonder Foundation

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