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Coletivo Muda

Formed by designers Bruna Vieira and João Tolentino, and architects Diego Uribbe, Duke Capellão and Rodrigo Kalache in 2010, Coletivo MUDA sees the city as a laboratory for transformation. MUDA is the Portuguese word for “change”.


Their art is essentially focused in experimenting and developing panels composed by classic tiles combined to contemporary graphics, that result in a captivating abstract aesthetics. The white tile, clean, polished, contrasts to the degrades spaces of the city. This way, MUDA tries to interfere
in the city and people’s routine, contributing to enlighten forgotten or unvalorized spaces,
by making them more relevant and colorful. Coletivo MUDA has worked in locations all over Brazil, Europe and the US.

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Untitled No.1


Untitled No.2

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