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Daniel Chazme

Daniel Kalinski aka Chazme or Chazme 718 is a Polish painter, illustrator, architect, and street artist born in 1980 in Laufen, Switzerland. In 2008, the artist graduated in Architecture and Urbanism from the University of Technology in Warsaw.


Chazme often constructs urbanised structures out of defined, geometrical areas. These dystopian compositions are comments and critiques on urban planning and architecture, which the passers-by are invited to decipher, reflect and maybe even oppose. On a visual level, they are always compositionally perfectly balanced and reflect the pattern of our modern skyscraper architecture.


The artist’s studio work ranges from canvas to collage. Even though his paintings are more figurative, they still emit the strong assemblage aesthetic which is unique to CHAZME’s work. His work was included in exhibitions in Paris, San Francisco, Bern, Minsk, and Dusseldorf, to name a few. CHAZME’s street art pieces can be seen on the walls of many metropolises such as Prague, Berlin, Glasgow, among many others.

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