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Dynasty Gallery x Robert Seikon / Taipei, TW

Framed within the "Unknown Pleasures" exhibition celebrated in Taipei during September 2017, Sonder Foundation curated an intervention of the Polish artist Robert Seikon in Dynasty Gallery, located in the center of Taipei. The gallery commissioned the work of a mural by the artist in the exterior of its premises, a wall of 25 square meters located in a popular avenue in the city.


The intervention was topped with an event celebrating the work of Robert Seikon, where a documentary about the artist work in rural Poland “Rurales” was displayed during the event. This, co-organized by Sonder Foundation and hosted by Dynasty Gallery, gathered some of the most influential names in the art scene in Taipei, including important artists, gallery owners and collectors.

The work can be visited in No.41, Le Li Road,Taipei.

Artist: Robert Seikon (PL)

Organizers: Dynasty Gallery and Sonder Foundation

Sponsors: Dynasty Gallery and Sonder Foundation


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