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Tainan Municipal Cultural Center X Chazme /
Tainai, TW

Chazme 2018.png

The Polish-Swiss artist Daniel Chazme was invited to create a mural for Xinying Cultural Center, one of the largest cultural facilities in the city of Tainan, as part of the “Ar/t/chitecture” urban art festival in November 2019.


The artist brought to life a 3 stories mural featuring his unique style evoking endless urban landscapes, and the mural became a permanent part of the cultural center.


Artist: Daniel Chazme (CH)

Organizers: Sonder Foundation, Tainan City Cultural Affairs Bureau

Sponsors:  Tainan City Cultural Affairs Bureau, National Taipei University of Education, Netherlands Trade and Investment Office in Taipei (NTIO), Polish Office in Taipei and Sonder Foundation

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