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Sculpture Park at Yuguang Dao Island  / Tainan, TW

Muda Sculpture 2018_3x.jpg

As part of the “Ar/t/chitecture” urban art festival that took place in Tainan during November 2018, a group of artists created a series of sculptures in a forest next to the sea at the idyllic location of Yuguang Island, a small island located right in front of the coast of Tainan city.

A series of 4 sculptures were created by the artists during a period of 3 weeks, and they remain until now, surrounded by nature. The artworks follow the same principle that led to the organization of Ar/t/chitecture Festival, the exploration of the boundaries between the disciplines of art and architecture.


The artworks were invited to be part of Tainan Art Biennale in 2019.

Participants: Coletivo Muda (BR), Robert Seikon (PL), Bartosz Janczak (PL), Zacharias Zedz (NL)

Organizers: Tainan City Cultural Affairs Bureau, National Taipei University of Education and Sonder Foundation.


Sponsors:  Tainan City Cultural Affairs Bureau, National Taipei University of Education, Netherlands Trade and Investment Office in Taipei (NTIO), Polish Office in Taipei, RIF Trust and Sonder Foundation

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