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“Ar/t/chitecture” Urban Art Festival / Tainan, TW


If we would have to define the project of Ar/t/chitecture with a single word, that word would be “Dialog”. Ar/t/chitecture explores the limits and the dialog between Art and Architecture. But while we were exploring the possibilities that this festival could develop, different types of dialog unfolded.


The dialog between the creative expression and its surrounding, between tradition and creation. And later, the dialog between artists and the community would become the core of the festival. 


The selection of Yuguangdao community was not a coincidence, as the environment presented all the elements we were looking for: a local community far from the daily beat of the city, an outstanding natural landscape and a unique urban configuration.


The art festival coordinated a landscape intervention, a gallery exhibition, and other activities like a live painting event, several artist talks and workshops.

The event caught the eye of many local specialized and general media outlets, and all the artworks were later included in the art biennale organized by Tainan Government. But it was at the exchange nature of the festival where its success has run beyond all expectations.


The community warm welcome and involvement, the artists hard work and the mutual generosity and understanding between both, made possible the festival and the outstanding murals, sculptures and installations created by the artists.