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Demsky J.

Demsky, also known as Dems333 or just „Dems“ in the graffiti scene, is a Spanish writer and graffiti artist. Born in 1979, and raised in Elche, Spain. From the day he fell into the graffiti world in the early 90’s, Dems has not ceased in destroying and rebuilding the alphabet from every angle. Crossing the entire world, jumping between hemispheres and continents, seeking for a new dimensions.


His style sounds like a Jupiter 8, the legendary fluor era synthesizer. Visually recognizable at first sight, his work captures the whole essence of Arcades and Sci-Fi saturated films, inspired by blue laser and red neon. With a single stroke, he can incarnate the water resist calculator-watch Casio precision or the Japanium force, resulting in a direct although subtle blow to the good-taste conventional laws.


His elegant compositions devour space and make you travel to a totally unknown, but such familiar world that we could enter it, before watching the space and time fold, creating a timeless loop, right there, between the D and the S.

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