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Zacharias Zedz

Zacharias Zedz is a Dutch artist and designer, making graffiti since the mid-eighties. His current work is still strongly related to the pure format of ‘writing culture’ and graffiti while at the same time is researching and exploring new formats.


Zedz’s unconventional approach and research methods show how his work balances on the thin line between graffiti and architecture. This approach has resulted in a series of temporary, monumental sculptures in public space, functioning as street furniture.


The works could be best described as crossovers between graffiti and its dimensional environment (architecture). By using public space with huge mural paintings and his recent installation works involving audience as integral part of his works, his work is getting more and more socially engaged. His public installations have appeared on several occasions in diverse European cities and smaller communities (Tunis/Prague/Roma/Manchester a.o).

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Untitled Study 1


Untitled Study 2


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